A Top-Level Appointment at Doğu Biga Mining

Equipped with years of experience and know-how, Ahmet Şentürk has been appointed as the general manager of Doğu Biga Mining, one of
the leading companies in gold and silver mining business.
Offering major contributions to the local economy based on importance of compliance with international standards and a responsible
corporate approach, Doğu Biga Mining has named Ahmet Şentürk, who has over 25 years of experience, as the general manager.
Taking office in his new role on July 1, 2020, Ahmet Şentürk has considerable experience in mine exploration, project development,
assessment, strategic planning, financial management, as well as legislative acts and reforms on mining.
Upon graduation from the Department of Geological Engineering at METU, Ahmet Şentürk initially took up a career as an exploration geologist at Rio Tinto back in 1993. Having been involved in VMS, Porphyria and Epithermal base metal exploration program until 1996, Ahmet
Şentürk went on to serve as a consulting geologist for many domestic and international mining companies from 1996 to 1997. Having taken
office as a coordinator for mining operations of Sevil Group between 1998 and 2001, Mr. Şentürk then worked for Noranda Mining from 2001 to
2004. After then, Ahmet Şentürk first served as an exploration manager and then an exploration director and Vice President at Aldridge
Mineral from 2004 to 2018 before joining Tumad Mining as a senior consultant.
With a great deal of initiatives he has taken for scores of domestic and international non-governmental organizations, Mr. Şentürk is a
member of the Chamber of Geological Engineers, and the chairman of the Association of Mining Geologists.
Taking office as a competent person of UMREK, a board member for YERMAM, and the representative of Turkey for the Europan Federation of
Geologists (EFG), Mr. Şentürk is also a member of CIM, an international institute of mining.

NSE permit granted for Kirazlı Project

With regards to the NSE permit issued by Çanakkale Governor's Office for Kirazlı project of Doğu Biga Mining, the subsidiary of Alamos Gold in
Turkey, the President of Alamos Gold John A. McCluskey said: "We are delighted with the approval that marks a milestone for us. Our
company is going to mobilize full-scale construction efforts over the next two months. The initial capital for Kirazlı project is estimated to be
USD 152 million. We aim at investing USD 50 to 60 million including USD 10 million already spent since the first half of 2018."
Mr. McCluskey also noted that the majority of the remaining capital would be mobilized in 2019 and the first half of 2020, and added: "Based
on the current timetable, we plan to kick off production for Kirazlı in the second half of 2020."


The following is a statement concerning some news reports and commentaries that misguide the general public in some media outlets:

Our company has been running operations for Kirazlı Gold and Silver Mine Project for a long time now.

To this end, the affirmative Environmental Impact Assessment on the Project is still in force. The news reports about it are unfounded and further from the truth.

We would like to note that we reserve our right to seek legal remedies for such misguiding reports, and let the distinguished people of Çanakkale know that we respect the law as we have always have, and we will never take any action contrary to it.

Doğu Biga Mining